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Verho Communications is all about Public Speaking, Simplified. We remove the fears and complexities often associated with public speaking by breaking down communication into easy, actional steps that drive communication success. Each person has a unique voice and a unique message. Verho Communications enables each voice to be heard so that their messages can be received.

Company Overview

Our tailor-made training programs are designed for the specific needs of each person, group, company or organization using confidence building as the foundation of communication success.

Verho Communication’s “Winning With Confidence” workshops transform industry and corporate speak and turn real life challenges into reality-based achievements. Using paradigm-busting methodologies, we impart easy to understand, easier to implement communication strategies that result in life-changing success.

The foundation of all success is rooted in the ability to communicate with confidence. “Winning with Confidence” workshops empower you to grow your organization’s success at all levels by improving the confidence and communication skills of each team member.

Whether you or your team is looking to improve communication skills or confidence and leadership, Verho Communications and “Winning With Confidence” will have a program that will enable your total success.

Founder and Director of Communication Services, Tom Brennan is an award winning professional speaker and radio host of the weekly program "Public Speaking, Simplified". Tom is also a certified project manager, trainer and well respected mentor. He has spent over 30 years in the hospitality field delivering world class service delivery training to Corporate, call center, sales and operations teams.

Verho Communication Services

Verho Communications has a rich history of being able to help anyone that has a sincere desire to improve their communication skills. In order to meet our clients' needs, we offer an array of services ranging from web-based group training, in-person group or business training events, limited one on one web-based training and special pop up, issue specific training opportunities.


The 11 words you need to know to eliminate the fear of public speaking.
The 3 words you need to embrace to empower your own success



The ideas and concepts that will provide a foundation to build success upon



Identifying the different types of speaking opportunities from:
Formal to Informal
Planned Presentations to Impromptu
Special Occasion
And the skills needed to be comfortable in any setting



For creating an engaging speech, story or presentation.
For delivering an engaging speech, story or presentation



The steps needed to understand the entire life cycle of a speech or presentation.



Individual identification of current strengths and areas of opportunity through digital recording and review.
Impromptu speaking tips and tricks.
Speaking delivery ownership - body language, vocal clarity, stage management , etc.


Additional Services

Verho Communications also offers one off services that include:
Emcee and Hosting
Keynote and Featured Speaker
Industry specific training
Single event speech or presentation planning and prep
Specialty speech writing
For any additional services or requests, please contact Verho Communications.

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Verho Communications, LLC, a leader in pubic speaking and communication training, is proud to announce it’s partnership with Winning With Confidence - Workshops That Empower Success.

Bringing these two powerful, unique and transformative organizations together, the needs of everyone, every group and every organization seeking ways to build greater success through communication and confidence can be exceed.

Confidence empowers success. Communication ensures it.